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Giving just a few hours of time helps neighbors age safetly and successfully in the community!

As a burgeoning, volunteer-driven, community supported organization, the Waterfront Village relies heavily on the time and generosity of individuals and groups of civic-minded people throughout the community to help us fulfill our mission.

Opportunities are flexible! We will work directly with you to be sure you are matched with volunteer experiences that are well-suited to both your schedule and your interests.


Interested in volunteering? Just send us an email or give us a call! or 202-656-1834


Our volunteers create a network of support from caring individuals who can help in any number of ways. Some of the ways you can help include

  • transportation- drive members to medical appointments, shopping, or on errands
  • technology support- assistance with basic computer, printer, and smart phone support and troubleshooting
  • social connections- keep older adults connected through home visits, phone calls, meals, and other types of social support
  • household assistance- handyman tasks such as changing lightbulbs, moving boxes, and light yardwork, among others
  • Village Support- support the Waterfront Village with administrative tasks and event support